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The Active Creative Child

  • Autor: Stephanie Vlahov
    Editura: Hohm Press
    Anul aparitiei: 2005
    ISBN: 978-1-890772-47-5
    Nr. de pagini: 104
    Format: 155 x 230mm
    Limba :
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    With an active, creative child, parents and teachers need to be flexible, energetic and smart! Here is a practical handbook for coping, establishing realistic boundaries and avoiding labels when you have a really inquisitive child. Active/creative children are often misunderstood by the medical community, by schools, and by their own parents. Their energy can be astounding; their curiosity is boundless - and channelling that energy is necessary. This is encouragement and genuine help to support a child's natural curiosity and energy: work with your child's energy, don't squelch it; keep your own ego from interfering with your child's passion; how to avoid over-stimulation; how to choose the best artistic outlets; how to choose the best teachers.

    The energy of these children can be astounding; their curiosity boundless. Channeling that energy is not only helpful but necessary. Supporting that curiosity is essential! This book provides specific hints for copiong, for establishing realistic boundaries, for avoiding labels and easy judgements (like “Attention Deficit Disorder”) where any child is concerned. Written in an upbeat style, the author draws from her experience with her own active/ creative children and those of others to present a handbook of encouragement and genuine help.

    The Active Creative Child was born out of the need to validate and celebrate the boundless energy oftentimes negated in a highly active child. In these current economic times of budget shortfalls within our educational institutions, there is more emphasis now than ever on “teaching to the test” to obtain high test scores. This translates to more funding. Children who are disruptive are considered a nuisance and distraction. Teachers “routinely” suggest to parents to have their child “evaluated” for ADHD. Oftentimes these comments stem from frustration with normal developmental activity (i.e. a wiggly 1st grade boy) or, a child who may wish to color the sky purple instead of blue.

    Yes. children need parameters and they need to conform in a group setting. This issue goes beyond that. We are stifling some of our most brilliant minds.

    “ADHD – like” behavior has been linked neurologically to “out of the box” and creative thought process(es.) While I am not a physician, I can see that this is the case in the children that I have known over the years through my activity in childrens theatre. Alex was a questioning whirling dervish of activity-obsessed with the world of imagination and theatre. I saw in him the incessant pulse of activity and the need to create. If channeled correctly while working within the educational system, an active creative child can and will enrich the lives of those around him.

    For more information on the author and her book visit http://svlahov.com


  • Stephanie Vlahov shares her wisdom in parenting the energetic child with a vivid imagination who does not fit into the traditional “. . . sports, Boy Scouts, rote-learning” box. The Active/Creative Child gives parents the courage to see their child's energy and creativity as a marvelous gift. Whether it is chasing a toddler at the park or dealing with a school system quick to put the label of “attention deficit” on a busy, verbal child, Vlahov shares her own experiences in helping the active/creative child grow into the person he or she is supposed to be." -- Tish Davidson, author: School Conflict; Prejudice; and Competition, and mother of an active/creative daughter.


    "A must read for any parent seeking alternative ideas to support them on the path to raising an active/creative child. This is a sensitive, insightful, and practical book that will impact the lives of many parents and children alike." -- Rosemarie Cortez Vierra, M.Ed., Educational Consultant, Santa Clara County, California.


    "An inspired guide with practical suggestions for parents and teachers of active and creative children. Any parent with a child diagnosed with ADHD should read this book, and all teachers should too! This book is a blessing for creative and active children. It will help them to unleash their gifts and avoid damaging labels and medications. -- Dr. Lara Honos-Webb, nationally published journalist, and author: The Gift of ADHD: How to Transform Your Child's Problems into Strengths and The Gift of Depression.

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