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de Red Hawk

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Only God

  • Autor: Regina Sara Ryan
    Editura: Hohm Press
    Anul aparitiei: 2004
    ISBN: 978-1890772352
    Nr. de pagini: 832
    Format: 152 x 231 mm
    Limba :
    In stoc
    buc. Cumpară
    150.00 Ron

    In every spiritual tradition, there is the story of an ardent seeker who, while waiting for God, closes his door to the poor beggar who visits unexpectedly. Later, believing that the Lord has failed to appear, the seeker complains: "Where were you?" God responds, "I came to you many times, in many forms, but always you turned me away."

    This is the true life story of that symbolic beggar, a hidden saint, a well-educated holy man who begged on the streets of India, Yogi Ramsuratkumar (1918-2001). 'Only God' was his creed, and his approach to everyday life. His unusual innocence and radiant presence were recognised by seekers from both East and West, who knew him as the Godchild of Tiruvannamalai, the small city where he lived for forty years.

     The book also includes the lives and teachings of the holy beggar's three distinguished gurus, including Sri Auribindo. With self-revelatory honesty and an enjoyable mix of storytelling, interviews, and fact-finding, this eminently readable biography is an affecting account of an extraordinary life.

  • “A masterpiece of hagiography, as penetrating, insightful and enlightening as the greatest of comparable works. There is hardly a reader, whether or not they are aware of Yogi Ramsuratkumar, who will no benefit immeasurably from reading this erudite, glorious and often balefully evocative account of a life lived solely for the Divine. A book that embrace both mind and heart in service of the spirit, Only God is a pure unalloyed joy to read.” – Paul Williams Roberts, journalist and author of “Empire of the Soul: Travel in India” and “War Against Truth: Behind the Lines in the Invation of Iraq”


    “Yogiji’s essence seems to radiate from the pages of this book like perfume from a lotus flower, calling us, reminding us, forever saying: “Only God, only God, only God…”. It was a great pleasure reading the life of Yogi Ramsuratkumar. I feel that I’ve gained a new friend. And what an amazing friend this holy beggar is!” – Jai Uttal world-music pioneer, composer, performer, and devotional singer


    “Walt Whitman’s words – “This is no book. Who touches this touches a man.” – are true for Only God. Who reads this book experiences Yogi Ramsuratkumar. More than a biography, Only God is itself a book of wisdom, a repository not only of this beggar’s life, but also an account of the alteration that he did indeed make in the spiritual universe through his teachings. No dry-as-dust narrative of the mundane “facts”, but a remarkable tale of the realm of holy “fact” in wich Yogi Ramsuratkumar lived and in which he radiated ferocious grace.” – Jay Martin, Ph.D., professor of Humanities, Claremont McKenna College, Claifornia, psychonalayst and author of “Always Merry and Bright: The Life of Henry Miller” and “The Education of John Dewey: A Biography”

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