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The Woman Awake

  • Autor: Regina Sara Ryan
    Editura: Hohm Press
    Anul aparitiei: 1998
    ISBN: 978-0-934252-79-9
    Nr. de pagini: 520
    Format: 152 x 228 mm
    Limba :
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    “What is woman?” is the question Ryan asks herself as she searches for the “feminine face of God.” This book is the result of that search. Stories of the author’s own compelling journey are intersected and illuminated by those of twenty-four great women of spirit who touched her by their presence or helped guide her.

    Over 15 years ago, Regina Sara Ryan, a former Catholic nun, began her search for the "feminine face of God". This book is the result of that search. Stories of her own compelling journey are intesected by those of 24 great women of spirit who guided her through inspiration, or touched her by their personal presence, inlcuding:

    Sufi master Irina Tweedie

    Christian monk Mother Tessa Bielecki

    Zen teacher and anthropologist Joan Halifax

    Hadewijch of Antwerp and the Beguines of medieval Europe

    AIDS activist and spiritual teacher Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

    Artist nad writer Meinrad Craighead

    Humanitarian Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

    And others.


  • “This is important work – key questions, shared answers. Essential reading for any woman on a spiritual path.” – China Galland, author of “The Bond Between Women: A Journey of Fierce Compassion” and “Longing for Darkness: Tara and Black Madonna”


    “A compelling contribution to the new spiritual feminism that portrays not only women’s deep mystical capacities, but also the prophetic and compassionate work of women actively engaged in transforming society.” – Matthew Fox, author of “Original Blessing” and “The Coming of the cosmic Christ”


    “Deeply insightful, surcharged with love, the message of Regina Sara Ryan and these authentically spiritual women will wake you up! Don’t let a precious opportunity pass by. Read this gorgeous book and be transformed.” – Timothy Conway, Ph.D. author of “Woman Power and Grace: Nine Astonishing, Inspiring Luminaries of Our Time”


    "When former Catholic nun Regina Sara Ryan set out to find the feminine side of God, she didn't exactly expect a face to face meeting. But as she began to approach exemplars of feminine spirituality, she found herself invited warmly into the world of the Divine Feminine. In Woman Awake, Ryan recounts her experiences with 24 great women from across the spiritual spectrum: Joan Halifax of Zen, Irina Tweedie of Sufism, Mother Tessa Bielecki of Christianity, Lalitha of Baul tantra, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, plain old humanitarian. Whether it be the path of service, solitude, art, the body, or the warrior, each woman manifests the Divine Mother in a unique and challenging way. Ryan, a tireless seeker, sees these women's lives and teachings in the light of wider spiritual and women's concerns while also weaving separate patterns of female deities and past masters, such as Tara, Kali, Hildegard, and Mirabai. As Ryan points out, waking up is a fearsome confrontation with our own complacency. Woman Awake sounds the alarm. " -- Brian Bruya, from Amazon.com


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