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„Observarea de sine”

de Red Hawk

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Red Hawk

Red Hawk (Robert Moore, Ph.D.) is the author of five collections of poetry: Journey of the Medicine Man (August House, 1983; finalist, Walt Whitman Award); The Sioux Dog Dance (Cleveland State University, 1991; runner-up, Patterson Poetry Prize); The Way of Power (Hohm Press, 1996); The Art of Dying (Hohm Press, 1999); Wreckage With A Beating Heart (Hohm Press, 2005) and Raven’s Paradise (Bright Hill Press, 2010; Bright Hill Press National Poetry Book 2009 winner).

His newest work, Self-Observation: The Awakening of Conscience (Hohm Press, 2009), is a prose contemplation of the practice of self-study and is also translated and published in Romanian by Good Company. This book is available for purchase on our website and also you can read the first chapter, for free, here.

He was the Hodder Fellow in the Humanities at Princeton University and is now professor of English at the University of Arkansas in Monticello.

Red Hawk earned a bachelor’s degree in English and history, and a master’s degree in English, both from Illinois State University. He earned a doctorate in Contemporary American Literature from the University of Cincinnati. He has received several awards and grants, and had poetry readings with such luminaries as Allen Ginsburg and former U.S. Poet Laureate Rita Dove, Miller Williams, Tess Gallagher, and Coleman Barks, and more than 70 solo-readings in the U.S. More than 80 of his poems have been published in magazines such as The Atlantic, Kenyon Review, Poetry, Atlanta Review, Shenandoah and many others.

Red Hawk has also earned praise from many poets, critics and editors. The late renowned editor of The New York Quarterly William Packard said, “Red Hawk is like Whitman because he can contain multitudes and yet he is always so authentically himself. . . These poems are desperately important to us all today because Red Hawk has that rarest of all virtues – Virgil had it, Dante had it, Shakespeare had it – a sense of civilization.” Pulitzer Prize winning poet Gary Snyder said, “Red Hawk’s is a powerful, wise, and down-home voice,” while National Book Award winner Hayden Carruth said, “He made (these poems) extraordinarily convincing. He writes in a plain style with great daring, economy, and power.”

Red Hawk has practiced self-observation for over 30 years, under the guidance of the Gurdjieff Society of Arkansas, meditation master Osho Rajneesh, and spiritual teacher, Lee Lozowick. He has 2 terrific daughters who live in California, and he lives in Monticello, AR with his sweetheart Chandrika.


I Keep A Different List

My neighbor counts his losses and his gains,

but i keep track of raindrops when it rains;

he makes note of coins and dollar bills

while i am watching ants upon their hills;

while he is in the office making money,

i go out among the bees to gather honey,

and when he comes home tired and goes online,

i am in the back yard drinking wine.

My wife and i sit in the gathering dark

and watch the lightning bugs and bright stars spark

until we disappear, covered up with night,

while my neighbor plots his life by computer light.


(Red Hawk)

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